Grand Rapids Alpha ESQuires



Why Join The Alpha Esquires?

If you ever wanted to be apart of something greater than yourself, if you ever wanted to enhance your community and surrounding neighborhoods, if you have ever wanted to become a leader, enhance your public speaking skills,explore colleges and careers , develop your character, build long lasting relationships, create and achieve your goals, or become a better student the Alpha Esquire Male Leadership Program is for you.

Who Can Join?

We are looking for young men between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age who will be committed to the organization and are interested in growing and learning with like minded individuals.

How Do I Join?

 To become a new membership of the Alpha Esquires Program, individuals should adhere to and submit the following:
·         Participate in Parent / Informational meeting

·         Submit copy of grades / transcript

·         Submit Application

·         Submit 2 letters of Recommendation ( one must be from a school official ) 

·         Complete one page Essay

·         Participate in a Community Service event with candidates

·         Participate in an interview

·         Pay $30.00 Membership fee ( Due in full March 1)

·         Complete Induction Process

*(Initial membership fee covers the cost of Jacket, program costs, and other related expenditures)

Membership Packet
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Recommendation Form
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Essay Question
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