Grand Rapids Alpha ESQuires


The Alpha Esquire Leadership Development Program            
actually started as the Alpha Teens.
Many Alpha chapters around the country have Alpha Teen groups.
However, our Grand Rapids group was inspired by Esquire groups
in Detroit and Flint, MI.

There is a need in the greater Grand Rapids area to
start an organization to nurture, protect, and develop
the talents and skills of the "good" young men
in our community.
There are many programs directed at the "at risk"
young males or the young men leaning
toward the
wrong road or negative conduct.
There is also this growing
misconception in parts of the African American community

that academic success or following the rules of society in
regards to personal conduct,
manners, mode/style of dress
is either not "Black" or even in some
cases effeminate or "sissified".

There was a need for our good young men to have a safe
haven and forum to meet and
socialize in and environment
where the conduct is not criticized or belittled but,
and encouraged. Hence, the birth of the Alpha Esquires
These good young men will discover though our examples
and conduct
that the educated respectful Blackman exists
and is actually the rule
and not the exception in our world.